The CORE 4 and Adrenaline Dominance

The CORE 4 are the Genetic, Emotional, Chemical, and Lifestyle CORES. Health is balance between them. To answer the question commonly asked when one loses their health, “What caused my condition?” you must understand one crucial reality: CORE 4 imbalances either cause, or are caused by, the fight-or-flight response or something much worse, adrenaline dominance. Adrenaline dominance is responsible for over 50 commonly experienced conditions.

The fight-or-flight response is a physiological beast of burden, designed to use its great strength to perform important tasks of survival in times of need. It is a necessary chemical feedback loop that ramps up quickly in reaction to a threat and then returns to its prior calm, fear-free state.

However, if the fight-or-flight response is turned on too often, or the brain and central nervous system “forget” how to turn it off, the chemicals adrenaline and noradrenaline relentlessly surge throughout the body extracting massive resources from all other systems and forcing them to bend to their will, even transforming the brain itself. This is the epidemic of adrenaline dominance. It is a “new normal” and is likely the reason you are exploring this material right now.

CORE 1 Genetics - Whoever you are, or whoever you may become

The human body operates in a non-stop state of autocorrection and self-balance. This can be seen through well-known processes including:

  • Oxidationand reduction reactions
  • Oxygen / carbon dioxide exchange
  • Resorption and secretion
  • Extracellular and intracellular fluid balance
  • Acid / base regulation
  • Blood pressureand blood volume regulation
  • Sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system balance
  • Circadian clock balance
  • Hormonal rhythms, and many more.

On a much deeper level, if you were to see inside just one of your 100 trillion cells (yes, trillion with a “t”) you would find a factory-like world of molecular machines. There are molecular motors, propellers, switches, shuttles, nanocars, balances, tweezers, sensors, gates, assemblers, and hinges. Each cell contains billions of them!

Because of your unique genetics, these astoundingly complex cells are organized into tissues; tissues into organs; organs into systems; and systems into the human body. Complexity is stacked upon complexity.

All this fine-tuning keeps our body as healthy as it can be. However, things can start off wrong from birth and/or go wrong throughout life because of something called, epigenetics.

Epigenetics are the influences that come from outside your body such as overwhelming emotions, poor diet, or counterproductive lifestyle choices, which affect how well bad genes are suppressed and how well DNA copies itself. In other words, bad circumstances and bad choices can often lead to some very bad health outcomes. Your cells and tissues are tirelessly doing their part on the inside. The CORE Reset Plan as discussed in my books, will teach you how to do your part to support them from the outside.

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