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However you maintain the body…hydration, sleep, exercise - 

In many ways, health is like money management. First it must be earned, then wisely put to work. CORE 3, Lifestyle is dedicated to helping you protect the health assets you have, while getting a return on your lifestyle investment.

The two ways to do this are with proper sleep and the right form of exercise. Not sleeping is like racking up debt on your credit card for things you don’t really need and having to pay the heavy interest: inflammatory reactions flare, blood sugar vacillates, and adrenaline surges. These makes it much harder to get back in the black.

Not exercising is like putting money under the mattress in a time of inflation: fitness vanishes, metabolism wanes, muscles waste, and the immune system is weakened. Your overall health-value drops and what remains will not be enough when the unexpected occurs. But beware! The wrong form of exercise promotes inflammation and leads to chronic injury. I will show you how to exercise to burn fat and reduce inflammation in STEP 4 of The CORE Reset Plan.

Make Lifestyle Habits

There are also no “get-rich-quick” schemes when it comes to sleep and exercise. They must become habits. You will know they are habits when you crave them. Trying to get healthy by doing a thirty-day cleanse and a couch-to-10K exercise program is like trying to get an annual income with risky seasonal work. If all goes well you may catch some crabs or a boatload of fish, or you might just end up at the bottom of the Bering Sea. This type of “getting healthy” also depends on lots of motivation and willpower, which is another big problem. Motivation is hard to maintain, and most people do not have a great deal of willpower. Only a small amount both is required to be successful with The CORE Reset Plan.

I highly recommend the book Mini Habits by Stephen Guise. It is a short read filled with lots of helpful strategies to make lifelong habits without high motivation or high willpower.  

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