Dr. Monk and Core4Powder

Dr. Scott Monk Head Shot

Dr. Scott Monk, the founder of Core4Powder, has been treating patients with natural therapies for the past 25 years. During that time some striking patterns began to emerge. No matter what the condition, mild or severe, nearly all could be traced back to the effects of persistent stress chemicals from the fight-or-flight response.

Common conditions such as anxiety, heart palpitations (Dr. Monk had these), insomnia, PMS, migraines, IBS, heartburn, hives, hypoglycemia, and dozens more, all were strongly related to the presence of surging stress chemicals, but so were severe maladies like Lyme's disease and Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid.

Since dozens of common conditions were related at their core, a similar set of nutrients were discovered to help them all. But which ones and how much of each? Not only were the right nutrients required to shut down the body's inner fire, but those nutrients had to be in their precise ratios and without interference from other "healthy" things (like intense exercise or only a raw foods diet)!
Once patients began taking the correct combinations their successes were great. But even for them a problem remained. Getting balanced meant taking 5, 7 or even 10 supplements for many months. Most were fine with this daily routine because of the amazing benefits they experienced, others however, found it overwhelming and would often slip back into a pattern of pain and sickness from non-compliance. The answer? Core4Powder! Now, patients of all types and ages can benefit from a pleasant tasting powder containing the critical ingredients - in their correct ratios - to calm fight-or-flight. Visit: DrScottMonk.com