The 50FIX Plan - 10 STEPS

Life is an uphill journey and functional illnesses are like bricks in your backpack. The more bricks in the pack, the harder the climb. Each STEP of the 50 FIX Plan is like removing a brick. Doing all the STEPS at the same time rebalances your CORE 4 and gives you the best chance to reach the health summit.

In my clinical practice, 85% of those who followed the 10 STEPS concurrently noticed great improvement in their symptoms including 70% of chronic sufferers with conditions other doctors could not help.

The 10 STEPS

STEP 1: REVEAL Stop inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and fat storage by using specific lab tests to find food allergies and nutrient deficiencies.

STEP 2: REHYDRATE – People commonly fall short in this critical component of refueling so it gets its own category. Take an inner shower by drinking ½ - 1 gallon of spring water. Also, hydrate cells and calm fight-or-flight by consuming electrolyte minerals.

STEP 3: REFUEL – For 3 to 6 weeks follow the Gentle GI Diet by eating three dairy-free meals per day containing protein, cooked vegetables, and a small amount of carbohydrate. Also, avoid specific raw foods, all lab created Franken-foods, and all toxic chemicals.

STEP 4: REIGNITE – Burn fat once again by waking up your sleeping metabolism.

STEP 5: REPLENISH – Experience “miracles” by using teeter-totter supplements in their proper ratios (or CoreCalm 7-in-1 Powder) to replenish deficient cells and tissues.

STEP 6: RESTERCISE – Exercise in your heart rate range for an optimal metabolism, not just for fitness – intense exercise increases adrenaline and trains the body to stay in fight-or-flight.

STEP 7: RESTORE – Restore sleep, balance biorhythms, and retrain the brain to relax again by following a proper nighttime routine.

STEP 8: REPLACE – Use a powerful neurological technique to remove trapped circulating emotions and replace them with calming, constructive thoughts.

STEP 9: RELOCATE – Take essential Vitamin “NO” to escape busyness, avoid high stress situations, and to prevent health setbacks.

STEP 10: RECORD – Write down your daily results and accomplishments. This keeps motivation high and maintains focus to make sure your health goals are achieved.

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