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Core4Powder FAQs

What is fight-or-flight?

Fight-or-flight is commonly called the stress response. It is a particular change in the nervous system when the emotional or physical body is either overburdened or undernourished. Although many chemicals are involved, the most well known is adrenaline. This is why long-term fight-or-flight is referred to as adrenaline dominance.

Why is stress such a big deal?

Unfortunately, stress is so common it is often unrecognized and accepted as normal. People say things like, "it is just stress." Or, they say they "are not stressed" when it is clear their bodies are out of balance. What most do not realize, is that short and long-term stress is the cause of, or creates the environment for, most maladies and dysfunctions.

Which conditions does Core4Powder help the most?

Core4Powder is beneficial to help restore balance to all the body systems most disrupted by fight-or-flight excess. The most common ones are the digestive, hormonal, blood sugar, and immune systems. For a full list of the more than 50 ailments most associated with adrenaline dominace, see this article.

How long do I need to take Core4Powder?

Core4Powder can be used in a variety of ways. Its primary design is to help calm anxiety and the fight-or-flight response. However, Core4Powder is also great for exercise recovery, blood sugar balance, brain focus and much more. This means Core4Powder can be taken short-term to help with a specific problem or it can be continued long-term to promote overall wellness and balance.

Can I take more than one scoop per day?

Yes. For conditions that can flare up from time to time like anxiety, blood sugar swings, or insomnia, an extra scoop of Core4Powder can be taken immediately when the symptoms are present. For conditions such as PMS, an extra scoop of Core4Powder should be taken one week prior to the onset of symptoms or the start of the menstrual cycle. Extra Core4Powder is also very helpful for exercise recovery and to help muscle cramping.

Why is there sugar in Core4Powder?

The primary sweetener in Core4Powder is lo han guo, or monk fruit. This sweetener does not increase glucose in the blood. Core4Powder does contain 4g of natural cane sugar, but for a very specific reason. A low dose of sugar, when used alongside electrolyte minerals, has been shown to enhance both mineral transport and mineral absorption within the cells and improve overall glucose levels in the blood. These effects are much better than no sugar at all or when sugar levels are above 10g per serving.

Is Core4Powder safe for pregnancy?

There are two herbal products in Core4Powder designed to support the fight-or-flight response - ashwaganada and rhodiola. Although these have been regularly used during pregnancy and breastfeeding for over 1000 years in places like India where they practice natural ayurvedic medicine, they have not been studied by the FDA. Be sure to consult your physician.

Is Core4Powder safe for children?

Yes. Core4Powder is safe for all ages. Just use a little less. For children 10 years old and under, 1/4 to 1/2 scoop per serving is recommended.

Why these ingredients?

Core4Powder is specifically designed to replenish the systems most depleted from life's daily stresses and from long-term fight-or-flight...all at the same time! It contains precise nutrition to increase energy, improve brain function and support the digestive, blood sugar, hormonal, and musculoskeletal systems. Click below to see how it is done.

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