Why Hasn't My Doctor Been Able to Help Me?

Specialized doctors prescribe specialized treatments. If those treatments did not address the primary cause, then the original internal fire was never fully extinguished. This common oversight is due to an absence of the “big picture” of health.

The blood test showed your hormones were off—see the endocrinologist. Your skin is dry, patchy, and inflamed—see the dermatologist. You experience heart palpitations—see the cardiologist. You suffer from an irritable bowel—see the gastroenterologist. You are anxious or depressed—see the psychiatrist. All your joints hurt—see the rheumatologist. Stop!

That has all been tried. Staying on that path means you will likely need the oncologist, anesthesiologist, and radiologist. You do not need a new specialist who will prescribe another medicine for a single problem, and then send you off to different specialist who will do the same thing. You need the big picture.

The CORE 4

The big picture is that there are four foundational requirements for health that specialists rarely discuss in conjunction. The CORE 4, as I call them, are the Genetic, Emotional, Chemical, and Lifestyle CORES. Health is balance between them.

When one CORE is off kilter, then the other three will forfeit resources attempting to buoy it. However, persistent imbalances lead to deficiencies in health-stabilizing nutrients and an erratic nervous system. Inevitably, strong symptoms, ailments, and conditions are expressed—what are known by natural health practitioners as functional illnesses.

A functional illness is where you have strong symptoms without actual disease. Anxiety is a functional illness and so are many other conditions like PMS, IBS, migraines, eczema, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, POTS, fibromyalgia, most pain, and so on. Functional problems are often quite concerning or even scary, which is why most non-emergency medical visits are triggered by functional illnesses. But what causes the CORE 4 to go out of balance in the first place? The answer is adrenaline dominance.

Properly calming adrenaline dominance by resetting the fight-or-flight response is the key to overcoming over 50 functional illnesses all at the same time. Core4Powder was created to do just that!

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